Elevating Clothing is your new favorite clothing brand.

Elevating Clothing is dedicated to making fashionable sporty clothing with comfort & fit. We strive to reach excellence in our products by using the best material to assure comfort & fit for active or casual situations. Our brand is aimed towards hard working people thus explaining the motivational theme in our clothing. However, Elevating is not just a clothing brand but a movement & mindset, by spreading hope & ambition. We also love to give back so we donate part of our profits or clothing to different organizations & communities each month. Thank you for being an amazing customer. #BEUNSTOPPABLE

Interesting Facts

  • Established?

    Elevating Clothing was established early 2017 in California’s bay area.

  • Logo?

    The logo was not created right off the bat but went through numerous changes. The arrow shows that success doesn’t have an end point but is a life long journey, because growth never ends.

  • Was it easy?

    Nothing is easy, before Elevating was created, the founder went through multiple failures with other business attempts. Getting the website & company up & running took 5 years of experience to make it happen.