Website & Orders

How do I place an order?

If you have chosen a product, & clicked “Add to cart”, and it will automatically be placed in your shopping cart. You can then continue to select products in our online store, adding to your shopping cart as needed. When you are ready to order then you may proceed directly to checkout.

I don’t want to buy this item now, but I also don’t want to forget it. What should I do?

You can click the “add to wish-list” button, the item will be added for future references. You can also bookmark the page but do be aware, the item may be limited or may be out of stock soon.

How long will it take to recieve my order?

Your items will be sent after fulfillment this is usually about 3 business days. This longer wait is due to our products being made on the spot once your order has processed. After fulfillment, what ever shipping option you choose will be the days in which you may expect delivery, usually products are delivered before estimated delivery. The average time for a product to arrive is 5-7 days, so please be weary of the longer time when ordering for a special day.

Wait so products are fresh?!

Sure you can put it that way 🙂 Usually we have the fabric already but we just need to create the design & quality check it. So now you can take “look at my fresh new clothes!” to a more literal level!

Payment & Delivery

Payment methods

All our payments are processed through PayPal, giving you the option of either using your PayPal account, or paying with any debit/credit card.

How are delivery rates calculated

Delivery rates are calculated by the system based on your location & weight of the package.

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